H7 - Quick Switch Mount Plate

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H7 - Quick Switch Mount Plate

$59 $95

Quickly swap your camera from Gremsy H7 to other camera support platform without having to remove the H7 camera plate or dismantling or rigging the camera.

Weight: 75 grams

Available to ship: Within 3 - 5 working day after payment is confirmed.

Quickly and easily swap your camera OFF of your Gremsy H16 and onto any other type of camera support on set

The Quick Switch Mount Plate allows you to leave your camera fully built on the H16.

Then if you need the camera for something else and then later go BACK onto the H16, you can do it with ease and speed.

Here is the instruction for your reference


H7 - Quick Switch Mount Plate x1

H7 - Quick Switch Mount Plate ACCESSORIES

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