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Gremsy H7 gimbal x1
Circular Quick Release x1
Handle with stand  x1
Wifi module x1
Mini USB cable  x1
Mounting Monitor x2
Slide Camera x1
Camera Rods x1
Camera Srews  x2
Allen Keys 2, 2.5, 3, 5 (mm) x1
gPower 4S/3400mAh battery x2
gPower Charger x1
Battery Voltage Checker x1
SBUS cable x1
Product Name


System Type

3-Axis Camera Stabilizer


1.98 kgs/ 4.37 lbs

Weight in Aerial Mode

1.45 kgs / 3.19 lbs

Camera Cage (Standard) (L x W x H)

0-135mm x 180mm x 35-205mm


Aluminum, Carbon Fiber

Input Voltage

16.8 VDC


4Sx 3400mAh Li-ion Battery


USB, Wifi


3.18 kgs / 7 lbs

OS Platform Supported

Windows / Mac / iOS / Android

Single Operator

Follow Mode, Thumb Joystick

Dual Operator

SBUS / Spektrum / PPM/ Hurricane Wheels

Pan Range

360 degree continuous

Tilt Range

(+/-) 90 degree

Roll Range

(+/-) 45 degree

  1. How much weight can the H7 hold?

The maximum payload of Gremsy H7 is 7 pounds.

  1. What kind of cameras does the H7 support?

It currently supports cameras with a maximum depth of 135 mm (measured from the center of gravity), a maximum height of 205 mm, and a maximum width of 180 mm. The maximum payload of H7 is 3.18 kgs (7 lbs).

Gremsy H7 Camera Compatibility List for your reference (non-comprehensive list)

    • RED Series: RED Epic, RED Scarlet, RED Weapon, RED Helium, RED Raven (*limited lenses)

    • ARRI Alexa Mini (*limited lenses)

    • Canon 1Dc, C300 (mk I - II) (*remove viewfinder + add counter weight if using light lenses.)

    • BlackMagic Pocket, BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera,Blackmagic Cinema 4K

    • Canon 5D Mk I, II, III

    • Nikon D810, D800, D500, D5

    • Sony A7S (mk I - II), A7r (mk I - II)

    • Sony A6000, A6300, A6500

    • Panasonic GH3, GH4, GH5


  1. How much weight of Gremsy H7 in handheld?

It weighs 1.98 kgs/ 4.37 lbs excluding batteries.


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