GREMSY T3 + Circular Damping

GREMSY T3 + Circular Damping


Stepping up the dominant technology of Gremsy T3, the lightweight gimbal which is ready to fly with almost any mirrorless DSLR camera setup was introduced. The T3 features an intelligent, modular Hyper Quick Release gimbal with true 360 degree panning ability, CanLink connectivity and a stable horizon.

Gremsy T3 gives the filmmakers the freedom to create beyond their expectations

Application: Aerial, Handheld, Carmount, Buggy, Cablecam.....

T1/T3 - Circular Damping supports to install Gremsy T3 under S1000, M600 or any drones which has dual carbon rod (12mm) underneath. 

Using under S900, You need the Bracket for S900

*Please note that you maybe need to Gremsy Wifi to configure the T3 on a iOS/Android Device.

Available to ship: Within 1 - 3 working day after payment is confirmed.

Gremsy T3 x1
T1/T3 – Circular Damping x1

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